Captive Breeding


ROCK HARD 301 (July 2012)

Perzonal War have been, are and stay one of germany´s best metal bands!


Although the band deals with lots of old school trash cliches they sound modern and up to date. A fact that let´s the album sound fresh. With fat riffs, a lot of speed and the understanding for good melodies Perzonal War create 13 impressing songs.

Sebastian Braun

With “Captive Breeding” Perzonal War create a unique, powerful masterpiece that combines heavyness, melody, brutality and feelings!

Markus Frey

“Captive Breeding” is a first-class Thrash Metal album; full of great riffs, great melodies and heavy grooves.

Michael Edele

Perzonal War release with “Captive Breding” a very strong Thrash Metal album. Everyone who likes modern sounds and Bay Area Thrash can´t do anything wrong with this cd. Another aspect is the groundbreaking guitar work of Metti and Daniel. It is rare to find such great ideas and variety on a Thrash Metal album.

Powerful Trash with Bay Are influences and local fingerprints how it should be!

Marcel Rapp

One of the best Thrash-metal releases in 2012. “Captive Breeding” is a masterpiece!

Felix Müller

The enormous variety speaks for itself. Everyone who likes powerful, heavy and modern Thrash with cool melodies played on a high technical level should check out this album.