Thank you for 20 years!



A big THANX goes out to all who supported us in the last 20 years:

Magazines, promoters, bookers, bands, friends that we made and of course our fans! Without YOU we woulnd´t be there anymore!


And thank you for a great anniversary show in Siegburg and the best possible birthday!


Martin, Metti, Björn, Andy, Sascha, Sven & Frank

20th Anniversary Album “INSIDE THE NEW TIME CHAOZ” to be relased 10.28.2016



Celebrating our 20th anniversary we will release our album “INSIDE THE NEW TIME CHAOZ” at 10.28.2016 on CD and Vinyl.

We have re-recorded 11 tracks from our albums “The Inside” (1998) and “Newtimechaos” (2000) and our former members Frank (bass), Sascha (guitar) and Sven (bass) visited us in the studio as well to record some tracks.

So right before the 20th anniversary show you can have some new / old  Perzonal War music 😉